Tibetan Terrier
Candramasi Khatakhyi


Something about Candra.....

Candra came to us from the kennel  Khatakhyi (owned by Sonja Pavlikova) on December 2000. Although the translation of the name Candramasi is related to the Moon, Candra should be named after a shining Sun, because it suits better to her bright personality..

The first Candra's day at us... There was already waiting an old tibetan lady Cybra Su-Lan-Šela who then was 15-years old, and a small kitty Mniauchi. While the kitten was acting as an object of playing, source of fun and tease, Cybra used to be the main boss of the pack for little Candra. She respected her till the end even Cybra was already blind, deaf and toothless.

Temperamentally Candra is a real tibetan terrier, almost everybody likes her for her sunny, sometimes a bit naive and sometimes artful and cute personality. Her mistresses aim to provide just the best for Candra's life. She spends lots of time by walking. She loves to frolic and run around as a real sheep dog, sometimes is really hard to follow her even just by the sight.

Candra (1 year old)

Candra is probably an exception between the doggie-girls because her real friends are almost and only bitches. There are just few doggie-boys which are honoured by permission to see Candra's belly. But majority of the males and as well big dogs as German shepherd and bobtails have no chance to become friend of our Candra because of her fear of  bigger dogs than she is.

Also Candra participates on exhibitions to show how beautiful she is. She loves the mood of that mornings before the exhibitions, immediately she is lying her down next to the bags to not to forget her by chance at home. She looks forward to see all her tibetan friends and she loves to show off ( she is much better at that than her mistress).

Candra is  a really caressing doggie-girl. She prefers the best to repose on her mistress and then she's getting asleep and  blissfuly yelping and smacking the lips. Of course, she sleeps with us in our bed. She loves to watch the TV, she comments very loudy all the dogs. She can distinguish even the breed ( the loudest bark signifies German shepherds) and when she sees e.g. a rabbit, she starts to whine ( she probably recalls her rabbit friend Lilly). So where are the theories that dogs don't  recognize anything at TV ???

So.... such as this our Candra is....