Tibetan terrier
Candramasi Khatakhyi



 Mniauchi (a real rural black and white cat )

.... he is at the same age as Candra and also a big friend of her. First time, when we saw him, our friend from a small village in the forests on the south of Czech republic carried him under armpit and in the other hand had a bucket with water. So we asked him where he was going to with the small kitty. He answered: Well, to drown it, it's gonna be another female cat and we don't want kittens anymore!! So we begged him to not to do that, but when he told us, that he would do it after our leaving, we brought the kitty and gave him a name Mniauchi.
Now we send to his ex-owner photos how from a small kitty has grown up a beautiful feline-boy. Even though now, after castration it's a bit problematical discussion about the sex of our Mniauchi... But surely Mniauchi is the source of all disorders, mess and pranks. Every morning at five (weekend included) he enjoys tags with Candra, unlike us and our neighbours.
 Lucee (Lucius, black as Lucifer from the hell)

.....Lucee was roaming around with other four black brothers and sisters in the area of Academy of Science in Prague, where mistress Helena worked. Their mother didn't care about her babies at all, the only source of food was what ladies from accounting department were bringing. When Helena saw him first, she knew exactly what to do then - find new, warm and comfortable location for them.  
The sweetest one we carried to home (and named him Lucee) and  for the others we found friendly houses as well. Our Lucee is a very slow tomcat, the thinking makes him a real problem, most of time he spends by sleeping on the microwave and just rarely partakes at the tags of Candra and Mniauchi. May be he hasn't understood the sense of it till now... 
Our home is full of other animals, as the budgies, fishes, spiders, newts, frogs, but there isn't communication on a high level. But I can mention our Senegalese parrot Bert a very nice but really loudy member of our family.
Since the October 2002 we have a new kitty.... Kitchie.

....He was loudy mewling all the chill October night long somewhere outside, only the next morning we found him inside the motor of our neighbour's car With help of other good people the mistress Edita finally cought him and gave him the first aid including visit of our vet and removing all the fleas and other parasites.  We don't know how this 200 grams kitty appeared on the street, probably a "good"  person didn't want to tak care of a skinny and full of fleas clew, bur the true is that in two weeks he puts on 500 grams at us !

Are you sure that our small zoo is big enough??? No!! We're planning a new member  this time from the canine rank, you ' ll see later......