Tibetan Terrier
Candramasi Khatakhyi





24th September 2004
4 boys - 3 black with white and 1 sable with white. All our boys found new homes. Best wishes!


We are expecting a new TT litter !!!!  

Our journey to Nimo, a TT handsome guy from Switzerland seems to be succesfull!!

We have registrated a name of our breed - SKRA SHAD - what in Tibetan means "hairy, strands of hair"

In 2003 Candra finished the Champion of Poland, Czech Champion and the  Czech TT Club champion 

We are getting  crazy from our white PULI- girl Negie (import from Hungary). Negie has already done the Czech Junior champion.


Finally we've finished an English version of our websites. 

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Thank you, good-bye soon!!!! 



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