Tibetan Terrier
Candramasi Khatakhyi




Candra was born on 2nd October 2000, and together other four puppies were born (3 brothers and another sister) in the kennel Khatakhyi in Prague (Czech Republic). Daddy Markie comes from USA and lives in Holland, Mum Schiva comes from a famous Norwegian kennel Shaka-Ta's. Both parents are really beautiful and successful tibetan terriers

Father: Mother:

ICh. Char Su American Sunshine  (Markie)

International Champion, Champion of the Netherlands, Belgian Ch., German VDH Ch., World Champion 2000

ICh. Schaka-Ta's Ochiva (Shiva)

Interchampion, Czech Champion,  Polish Champion,
Tibetan Terrier Club Champion, Junior

  Markie lives in Holland in the kennel Sumanshu. Ochiva lives in the kennel Khatakhyi in Prague.

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